Apr. 21st, 2009

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Hello all, I'm sat at Frimley station strapped up in sensors and feeling a lot like Darth Vader (though without the cool cloak.

Let me backtrack a bit: Last time I was at the Doctor's it was observed that I was sleeping lousily and snoring lots and loud.

This was turned into a referral to the local ENT clinic.

While there, I had two tests: (A) A paper test, the rough scoring of which was the category: "Stand clear - this person is about to slip into a coma and fall over" and (B) a thorough endoscope examination of my left nostril, right nostril, throat, airway, left lung, right lung, appendix and each nasal passage again for good measure.

While the nurse retrieved my sinuses from under the equipment trolley, the consultant explained that my nose was an odd shape (probably furrowing left by the endoscope if you ask me) and that Sleep Apnea was a real concern. As this means that I stop breathing during the night, you can see how this might be an issue. On the other hand, it *would* explain how I haven't had a good night's sleep in the last 20-30 years.

The next step was to be sent for a 'Sleep study'.

So, here I am strapped up for a 'sleep study' and feeling a lot like Darth Vader. Let's see: I have a box strapped tightly to my chest with lots of blinking leds, two bands of elastic woven with wire around my torso, above and below the box, and wired into it; A pulse reader is taped to my finger, this on a wire taped up my arm, through a smaller box on the back of my shoulder and into the cyberman control device on my chest. There's also a microphone taped to my throught and linked in and when I do go to bed, there's a pneumatic sensor that goes up both nostrils, over both ears, over my shoulder and into the box.

Now, I have to go home and not dislodge any of the elastic strapping or taped-on sensors and wires - oh, and then sleep normailly! Wish me luck folks!

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