Jun. 1st, 2009

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You know, local elections always bring out the worst in some people, and parties.

Returning home from Farnborough yesterday, myself and Kit noticed that we were passed a sign for one of the 'issue' political parties (the UKIP, I believe), poking over a fence insisting "Say NO to unlimited immigration".

Being wishy-washy Guardian readers, we were both annoyed by this but Kit was the one who broke and commented on it first:

Kit: "You know, no-one's actually advocating unlimited immigration. At all."
Me: (picking up the theme) Say NO to misrepresented issues!"
Kit: (immediate) "Say NO to straw men!"
Me: (thinks) "Actually, that's what both they and us are saying - but we mean very different things by it."

And by then the car was well past the sign and the conversation changed.
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I take great pleasure from the fact that my most used journal tags are silly and whimsy.

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Good News:
I went in to town at lunchtime to do a little shopping - and the walk out was very pleasant.
Bad News: I was looking for 0.7 mm 'H' grade pencil leads (Bear with me on this)
Good News: I didn't find any. (See above)
Bad News: But I did check at the art shop.
Good News: Er, I bought you a present as well while I was in there dear?

([personal profile] kyte is very long suffering with regards to my enthusiasm for art supplies. Sorry dear.)

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 This unit is now dispensing Hot Fun, Cold Fun and new Incendiary Fun free of charge, Citizen.

All of this fun courtesy of R&D, Vend-o-matics Inc and your Friend, The Computer. Enjoyment is mandatory.

Please ensure that all safety equipment is worn and wait until the vend-o-matic has come to a complete halt. Report loss of fingers, tongues or nasal cavities using the attached Form F/6/1110101001e (Odd).


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