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A-ha. Solved it. Maybe. Partly.

Facebook does indeed keep your email list once you've uploaded it - but just doesn't like to admit it.

Really! To find out that they do this, go to the "Suggestions" Page, click on the tiny link in the tiny text note: "Facebook will not keep your password Learn More" (Really, it's teeny)

If you click on that, the window that opens also tells you that it keeps your addressbook data too: "We may use the email addresses you upload through this importer to help you connect with friends, including using this information to generate Suggestions for you and your contacts on Facebook"

Not that I mind that it tells you about not keeping your password, mind - but slipping in that it will also keep your uploaded contact data is at best accidental obsfuscation and at worst, straightforward corporate nastiness.  Worse: There's actually an implied suggestion that they are not intending to re-access your data in the statement that they don't keep your password.

Once you have found your way this far, however, it does also give you a link to an opt-out mechanism. Clicking on the button takes you to http://www.facebook.com/contact_importer/remove_uploads.php which offers to actually remove your contact data from their system but warns that "Note that it may take some time before your name will be completely removed from Suggestions.". And indeed, these suggestions haven't gone away yet. We'll see what happens.

Searching the help system for explicit help on the Friend Finder points you at information on the Friend Finder, but gives you not a sniff of any of this, by the way.

So this looks like the most likely solution - and we'll see if doing that has any effect. Of course, while memory is a funny thing, I'd still swear that I didn't see those two names in the half-dozen suggestions Facebook came up with when I uploaded - or that those names appeared in my uses of F'Suggestions' since then until today - and as those names are meaningful to me, I'm pretty certain to go *boink* upon seeing them in a odd context, just like I did today in fact.

So half a solution, perhaps. :/

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"Hahaas Comedy Ringtones" on eMusic

Comedy. Hmm... "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means."

(Incidentally, aside from the above - eMusic really is to be recommended. Don't let this put you off. )

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I often browse through the local Friday Ads small ads magazine. While I don't often buy things this way, I enjoy the range of items for sale. They also have a wonderful run of accidental (and often charming) errors and typos that raise a smile.

In the 90's, sellers had to phone-in their ad content to over-worked and non-technical call handlers.  This caused a continuous stream of 'Omega' computers and 'Epsom' printers advertised for sale. Now that most sellers submit their ads via email or text message, this kind of thing is much rarer (but usually much more mind-bending when it does happen).

Thankfully, there is still an old staple (ahem) of the Ad magazines to fall back on, untouched since the 80's. As a sales feature (and to aid browsing) the first two words of an ad are set in bold type - free of charge! The catch in this is that the typesetters embolden the first two words exactly. Whether you want this to happen to or not and without care of the consequences.

Unfortunately, the sellers don't always take this into account when providing ad copy:

Newborn Baby (huh?) ...cradle and swing with lights and... Oh! I see,

Semi-retired Camper
  ...disposing of a large variety of gear.

Men's Fat ...Face brand clothing

and frequently much worse.

Also: Just to prove me wrong, this week's issue has *two* printer cartridges for Epsom printers for sale. No Omegas though. Sadly.

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...well I must have slipped into a parallel world.

During a recent visit to Asda, their CD section was carrying Flanders and Swann, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Kraftwerk (Trans-Europe Express *and* The Man Machine) and The Alan Parsons' Project.

I've slipped into another reality. One where Wal-Mart sells quality music!


Jun. 15th, 2009 02:07 pm
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There's a rail trolley in the foyer of our building ("Not to be removed from Guildford Station")

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In perfect seriousness, I've just sent an email to [livejournal.com profile] kyte with the subject:

Possibly NSFW - no nudity, but photos of oversized condom wrapper pillow.
Best. Subject. Line.

Mail is about: http://noquedanblogs.com/diseno/almohadas-condon-y-condon-de-seda-gigante/ , by the way. :)


Aha! Here's the original - for sale on Esty! 

Oh my.

May. 28th, 2009 10:12 am
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I was following a link on mental health research that interested me when the penny dropped:


'National Institute of Mental Heath'  ...and a logo that is made up of the initials. The Americans have a research facility called 'NIMH'.

Did Mrs. Frisby teach them nothing??
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Oh Register, how I do chuckle at thee:


Title: YouTube flooded with porn

Subtitle: Hello? Is anyone still reading? Come back


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Bishop says Thou Shalt Not Tweet:


(To be fair, the article strongly suggests that the Bishop of Paisley seems not to be swimming with the Vatican's party line on the Internet, Twitter and it's ilk - but the headline is too much fun - and Bishops doing a UDI is always boink-worthy.)


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