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The Eponymous Archon (George to his friends) lives in Aldershot with his lady wife, the Synonymous [personal profile] kyte.

He currently works for a UK University as a computer person.

He's been known to take the "odd" photograph in his spare time and has done the occasional bout of wedding photography. He's also quite a social animal and draws when time permits. Also, he often talks about himself in the third person, apparently.

And hey, he uses Livejournal, which can't be a bad thing, can it?

Interests (144):

2000ad, 23, 80's music, ale, arthur c. clarke, astrojax, babylon 5, bastard operator from hell, bbss, big stompy boots, blake's seven, board games, bofh, books, brian eno, c64, caffeine, chaos, cheapass games, cider, clannad, cluestick, cluesticking, cluesticks, coffee, comic books, comics, commodore 64, computers, david bowie, david byrne, discordia, discordianism, disused tube stations, doctor who, dork tower, douglas adams, douglas coupland, dr who, dragons, emacs, emperor norton, eris, esdevium, evil, flanders and swann, fluxx, fnords, folk, fortean, fortean phenomena, fortean times, gadgets, games, gaming, goth, goth boots, greg bear, harlan ellison, icehouse, illuminati, illuminatus!, imacs, internet, internet culture, isaac asimov, isihac, john kovalic, john otway, kate bush, kinky sex, klf, kyte, lart, larting, larting users, lifehacking, london underground, macintoshes, macs, mead, medieval, monochrome, monochrome bbs, moria, mornington crescent, networking, new rocks, nin, ozy & millie, ozy and millie, palm pilots, palms, pan-galactic gargle blasters, pdas, perl, philip k. dick, photography, private eye, ps238, psychology, pvp, queen of wands, radio 4 comedy, real ale, real cider, robert anton wilson, robert heinlein, roger zelazny, role playing, role playing games, rtfm, sci fi, sci-fi, science fiction, science-fiction, scrumpy, sf, shiny, shiny things, sketching, slr photography, something positive, spaced, spodding, suzanne vega, system administration, talking heads, taoism, tech support, the prisoner, the sirius cybernetics corporation, the sockburn worm, tube trains, underground london, underground system, unix, wasted epiphanies, webcomics, weird shit,, yo-yos, zz9, zz9 plural z alpha
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