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Nice article on the latest entirely unbiased anti-science, psychiatry  'museum' - and it's not the creationists this time. :/


Choice quote from article: "Psychiatry is behind eugenics, all acts of genocide, the Holocaust, and terrorism."... "There are enormous posters of patients in restraints, and models of evil doctors weilding their implements of torture."


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You know, local elections always bring out the worst in some people, and parties.

Returning home from Farnborough yesterday, myself and Kit noticed that we were passed a sign for one of the 'issue' political parties (the UKIP, I believe), poking over a fence insisting "Say NO to unlimited immigration".

Being wishy-washy Guardian readers, we were both annoyed by this but Kit was the one who broke and commented on it first:

Kit: "You know, no-one's actually advocating unlimited immigration. At all."
Me: (picking up the theme) Say NO to misrepresented issues!"
Kit: (immediate) "Say NO to straw men!"
Me: (thinks) "Actually, that's what both they and us are saying - but we mean very different things by it."

And by then the car was well past the sign and the conversation changed.
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For heaven's sake!

He's called 'Shudogg Marketing'. He's posted exactly 3 tweets, all of which are spam and in 27 days of his accounts existence, he's followed 1475 other users.And in case you had any doubt remaining at all that he was a spambot, his 'personal name' is '0Rn056'!

So, why the hell have 434 users been dumb enough to automatically click 'follow'?!


Jun. 22nd, 2004 10:15 am
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Hold everything - we've just set the fire alarm off!

Apparently turning the blowtorch off can do that...
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I really need to upgrade to a paid account so that I can have space for some really angry or shouty looking user pictures for occasinos such as this...


Jun. 21st, 2004 02:11 pm
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And lo, the new hot water boiler is shafted.

Matey the plumber (aka John Hurt) has been on the blower to the manufacturers, who're sending people tomorrow morning ((am they say) to repair and make good.

*Then* he can finish off the job. Assuming they don't try and quibble about anything and delay things.


The Plumber has gone off to get some more bits (unspoken: and to have a lunch break) and will be back in an hour to re-rejig the piping already installed so that we can have cold water at least this evening.

Right, better go cancel my appointments for tomorrow then.

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And now it's stopped.
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And then someone from another flat turned up to complain that *their* hot water had just stopped.

And he bloody goes away to sort them out! Hey, I had to wait weeks for my hot water to go this far!

At least he's back. I assume that means that the flat below us isn't parasitic on our hot water supply. <grumble>

(Let's just put this in perspective - I can't use the taps *or* the toilet or leave the flat 'till he finishes here. I'd quite like my job finishing first.)

Good News!

Jun. 17th, 2004 04:24 pm
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On monday we finally get a new hot water tank installed.

Bad News:

On monday I get to spend the whole day with no water, and an irascable plumber in the house installing said hot water tank.


May. 22nd, 2004 08:19 pm
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And this breaking news just in...


Our hot water tank leaks. Pah!

Not badly enough to flood the place, I hasten to add, but badly enough that we have to keep the water turned off when we're not actively using it.

However, this bummer is offset by the fact that:

I now have an electric drill!

Yay! (and <BZZZZZ!>)

-- Oh, and I hasten to add that the above two facts are not related, before anyone asks. ;)


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