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And now I'm also being followed by 'denyreligion'. that's an unexpected 3 to 2.

Do I need an 'atheistbot' tag to go with Woobot? :)

[Edit: The spiel at http://denyreligion.com/ is quite, er, interesting. It includes an page of counter-argument to put into hotel-room bibles. I must admit that I'd not think of being that, er argumentative myself. ]

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/mug/coffee: 58% synced.
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#ERR: Insufficient coffee in spod.
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In perfect seriousness, I've just sent an email to [livejournal.com profile] kyte with the subject:

Possibly NSFW - no nudity, but photos of oversized condom wrapper pillow.
Best. Subject. Line.

Mail is about: http://noquedanblogs.com/diseno/almohadas-condon-y-condon-de-seda-gigante/ , by the way. :)


Aha! Here's the original - for sale on Esty! 

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I feel that this says everything about Microsoft's new search engine that needs saying: ( http://www.little-gamers.com/2009/06/02/bingo/ )
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 This unit is now dispensing Hot Fun, Cold Fun and new Incendiary Fun free of charge, Citizen.

All of this fun courtesy of R&D, Vend-o-matics Inc and your Friend, The Computer. Enjoyment is mandatory.

Please ensure that all safety equipment is worn and wait until the vend-o-matic has come to a complete halt. Report loss of fingers, tongues or nasal cavities using the attached Form F/6/1110101001e (Odd).
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Good News:
I went in to town at lunchtime to do a little shopping - and the walk out was very pleasant.
Bad News: I was looking for 0.7 mm 'H' grade pencil leads (Bear with me on this)
Good News: I didn't find any. (See above)
Bad News: But I did check at the art shop.
Good News: Er, I bought you a present as well while I was in there dear?

([personal profile] kyte is very long suffering with regards to my enthusiasm for art supplies. Sorry dear.)

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I take great pleasure from the fact that my most used journal tags are silly and whimsy.

Oh my.

May. 28th, 2009 10:12 am
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I was following a link on mental health research that interested me when the penny dropped:


'National Institute of Mental Heath'  ...and a logo that is made up of the initials. The Americans have a research facility called 'NIMH'.

Did Mrs. Frisby teach them nothing??
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Oh Register, how I do chuckle at thee:


Title: YouTube flooded with porn

Subtitle: Hello? Is anyone still reading? Come back


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Bishop says Thou Shalt Not Tweet:


(To be fair, the article strongly suggests that the Bishop of Paisley seems not to be swimming with the Vatican's party line on the Internet, Twitter and it's ilk - but the headline is too much fun - and Bishops doing a UDI is always boink-worthy.)

Mind you:

Apr. 2nd, 2009 12:42 pm
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What the twitterati do when twitter's servers fall over again: http://noquedanblogs.com/?p=6255

In fact that whole damn blog is lovely and its RSS feed has now been lovingly slurped.

Also rernarkably handsome:

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Best spoof from yesterday:


Is it bad that I actually want one of these?


Apr. 1st, 2009 01:54 pm
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Today on Freecycle someone is offering bags of 'chicken poo' and someone *else* is offering horse manure by the shovel-load. It's that kind of day.
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And on an (even more) trivial note, may I just say: SQUEEE!

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Okay, so the tank has been thoroughly torched (<FSSSSSSSSSSSSH!> and we're now waiting for it to refill. Oh and the three plumbing types in the hallway are swapping industry horror stories...

Oh, and now they've all just left. While the tank is still filling. Wonder if I can type underwater?
(glub, glub)


Jun. 21st, 2004 12:31 pm
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The sound of running water. I do hope that's coming from the bathroom...
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...and yes, that means the plumber is replacing the hot water tank as I speak. Sort of.

Oh and he's back. Yay!

Odd - I'm having my tank replaced by John Hurt. Think he'd notice if I took a photo? Or asked for an autograph?
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...Gnashing his teeth and clenching his fists, shouting "Why, God, WHY?" and railing at a world which could allow this to happen...

(*Boy*, is this mental image fun to play with ;)


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