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And now I'm also being followed by 'denyreligion'. that's an unexpected 3 to 2.

Do I need an 'atheistbot' tag to go with Woobot? :)

[Edit: The spiel at http://denyreligion.com/ is quite, er, interesting. It includes an page of counter-argument to put into hotel-room bibles. I must admit that I'd not think of being that, er argumentative myself. ]

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Ah-hahahaha! I've been rumbled!

Today at 10:45. I cast another lure (all in the name of experimentation):

By 1pm I was getting ready to admit defeat. However, at 15:48 - Ding!

So, who have we got?

From Michael Nugent's twittter profile:

Michael Nugent

...I've been rumbled!

So apparently it's not just the purveyors of Woo that grep the timeline!

As an added bonus, his photo is whole orders of magnitude less scary than the previous two:

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That's truly remarkable!

After being followed twice on twitter by scary new-age users (See posts here and here) promoting their dubious wares, I decided to run a small experiment today. At least one of the followings seemed to be triggered by references to fairly obscure new-age pseudoscience in my twitter, which lead me to suspect that such terms were being searched for in the public timeline. Time for a test!
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(held over from yesterday)
That's amusing.

I've just been 'followed' on twitter by 'FlowerEssence (SeanMartinezDantonet)'. whose bio details that they: 

"Love working with people, and have the pleasure of bringing negative mental and emotional states into balance w/Flower Essences b4 becoming physical problems."

I assume that she's picked me out from the twoi polloi as her automated searches in the public timeline showed that I was discussing "Energy Medicine" and the "e-Lybra energy balancing system" versions 8 and 9 with http://twitter.com/bluedevi .

I think perhaps, they should have checked the contents of that discussion a little more closely. I was actually helping with links to refute the claims for this obvious piece of quackery, including appropriate links to JREF and Quackwatch (http://forums.randi.org/showthread.php?t=50824 and http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/electro.html, respectively) along with the giveaway key phrases:

"And she's still *buying* one of these?! Eek!",
"still scary that she's trusting this thing"
"Presumably, the version 9 solves all those pesky rational doubts..." 

""This IS Energy Medicine at its best" Yes - I'm afraid it probably is..."

I'm probably not the kind of person they want on theIr spam list.

Oh, and as per the last time this happened, here's the obligatory scary userpic for this user:

Need I add that I've already hit block for that user?


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